ETERIA is anxious to preserve your privacy and your personal data, in accordance with the Belgian legislation in this area (General Data Protection Regulation). All personal information that you provide through our various services (online or via paper forms) is treated in a completely confidential manner.

You can use our services for various reasons: to inform you about our events and our infrastructure, sign up for one or more newsletters, participate in one of our free invitation events, contact us via online forms, enter contests. In this context, our privacy policy details:

  • The collected data
  • Our use of the information collected
  • Access and update of data
  • Transmission of data to third parties
  • Data protection
  • Links to third party sites and social networks
  • Updating our privacy policy

The collected data

I. Via our online services

Your personal data is collected when you use one of our following online services: subscribing to our newsletters, requesting information via contact forms on all our websites, participating in contests via our networks or our website ( This personal data may include, depending on the service used: surname, first name, sex, year of birth, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.
Please also note that cookies are used when you visit our website. These cookies are small text files stored in your internet browser that allow you to keep, at each visit, your preferences. No personal or nominative information is collected via these cookies.

II. Through paper forms

Your personal data is collected when you use one of our paper services, namely: registration for the various sporting events of the TCR Benelux season.
This personal data may include, depending on the nature of the event: surname, first name, sex, year of birth, postal code, country, sector of professional activity, telephone number and e-mail address. This information is essential for security reasons on our various events.

III. Right to the image

By participating in one of our events (car races), you are at all times likely to be photographed or filmed by one of our licensed photographers and cameramen, or by the production of the artists. Please note that the reproduction of images of groups or crowds during public events is permitted without the permission of the persons, provided that it does not infringe on privacy. If this is the case and you want to delete content posted on one of our websites or our Facebook pages, you can send us your request by contacting us by e-mail at .

Our use of the information collected

The data we collect allows us to provide, manage and improve our services, as well as to develop new ones. These also allow us to inform you of the events for which you have explicitly indicated an interest by subscribing to one of our newsletters.

Access and update of data

As mentioned above, when you subscribe to one of our newsletters, or participate in one of our events, you authorize us to collect your personal information and to process or use it for specific purposes. to send you the requested information.

You have the right, at any time, to cancel your consent in different ways:

• By clicking on the unsubscribe link at the foot of each newsletter sent
for our care
• By contacting us via the e-mail address
• By sending us your request by post to the following address:

Data Protection Service
Cedric Hennau
High Street 47
1330 Rixensart

You can also modify and update your data, or know the data we have about you by contacting us via this e-mail or postal address. Please note that we will only consider written requests.

Transmission of data to third parties

We never share personal data that you have shared with commercial third parties or partners. Your data is in no way used for purposes other than those described in this privacy policy.

Data protection

We implement security measures appropriate and necessary from an administrative, technical and physical point of view, so as to protect your personal data from destruction, loss, alteration, access, disclosure or the use, accidental, illegal or unauthorized thereof.

Links to third party websites and social networks

Our various websites may contain links to sites or social networks managed by third parties. The confidentiality rules in this document do not apply to these other sites and networks. We advise you to consult the own privacy policies issued by these third parties.

Update our privacy policy

Please note that this privacy policy may change depending on changes to our services but also any feedback received from our customers. This document will also be adapted if the data protection legislation changes. In case of substantial modification, we will notify you by a visible communication on our site and indicating the date of the last modification in the header of this document.